The Best Night Skin-Care Routine By The Ordinary & INKEY LIST.

1- The INKEY LIST Salicylic Acid Cleanser.

This Cleanser works like MAGIC. After a long day of wearing a mask and sitting in-front of a screen, this right here is the perfect way to end my day and refresh my face. 1000/10.

2- The INKEY LIST Retinol

If you’re over 25 and still not using Retinol, you CAN’T sit with us.

3- The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid

Everybody and THEIR MOTHER has this product somewhere in their position, so why don’t you? You don’t need to know what’s in it, you just need to know it works.

4- The Ordinary “Buffet” DARLING

Again I have no idea what’s in this or even how it works, all I can tell you is that this will age you BACK.

5- The Ordinary 100% Plant Derived Squalene.

If I could marry this stuff, trust me I WOULD.

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